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Critical Technology Network

The Critical Technology Network (CTN) is the Emerging Technology Group's (ETG) flagship student-run publication to solicit deliberative input from youth and magnify their voices in emerging tech-related policymaking across the world. Young people are asked to submit a brief policy brief addressing one of two chosen topics. 


Selected submissions will be published on ETG's website, publicized across our social media channels, and if possible, sent to any interested personnel from our 10+ government, NGO, and firm partners on 5 continents. In this way, ETG hopes to bring young people's voices into policymaking spaces and allow them to shape the future of emerging technologies.

Please note that submissions to CTN are made by external individuals. Submitting to CTN does not confer membership in ETG.

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Submission Details

Policy briefs should be written in English and be 800-1000 words. References do not count against the word limit. All briefs should be double-spaced and written in standard word processor format. Submissions may have a maximum of three images or figures. Team submissions of fewer than 10 individuals are permitted as well.

This year, briefs may answer one of the two following prompts:

  • Ways to utilize novel emerging technologies (like AI or biotech) to advance global progress for one or more of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

  • Ideas for potential policy channels or institutions that governments, NGOs, or other organizations could create to allow youth to express their voice on emerging technology-related issues.

We accept submissions on a rolling-basis, depending on our current capacity.

Submissions will go through a multi-layer, double-blind review process by the ETG team. All submissions will be reviewed on whether they are relevant, scholarly, and of novel interest. Accepted briefs and their authors will be notified Please note there is no financial compensation, no titles, or no other material rewards associated with CTN.

Please note that any briefs only represent the views of their authors and do not represent the views of ETG or any of its members.

Why Submit to CTN?

Through CTN, you as a young person will have a chance to:

  • Publish your own work on emerging technology issues to a global audience.

  • Receive ETG support in publicizing your work across the world.

  • Potentially have your work sent to interested policymakers and leaders in up to 10+ government agencies, firms, and NGOs across 5 continents to potentially influence real-world decisions. 

Submit Below!

Submit your work to the Critical Technology Network below.



If you have any questions, please direct them to

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