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Emerging Technology Group

Exploring the Future of Technology


About Us

The Emerging Technology Group (ETG) is a nonprofit student-run organization dedicated to promoting the study of emerging technologies and leveraging them to solve real-world problems.


Modeled off Google's X, ETG is a 'moonshot factory' — our teams leverage their skills in artificial intelligence, biotechnology, and more to conduct probono research, write policy proposals, and design technical tools to provide values-based solutions to real-world problems. We then work to implement our ideas either directly or through partnerships and advocacy with more than 10 public-sector actors, NGOs, and firms across 5 continents. We also provide free technology education curricula and professional development services to over 3,200 students worldwide. 

Articulation of Affiliation: ETG is a nonprofit student-run organization at Harvard College. The Harvard College name and/or shield are trademarks of the President and Fellows of Harvard College and are used by permission of Harvard University.

Impact and Recognition

Partnerships, Collaborations, and Other Engagements

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ETG maintains 10+ research and educational partners, collaborators, and other engagements across 5 continents.


Please note not all engagements are displayed below. Please contact ETG for a full list.


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See Our Latest Work!

Please note that not all of our work is publicly accessible, especially if projects are involved in ongoing policy or advocacy efforts, and public versions of reports may not represent the entirety of our work. If a full version of a specific report is of interest, please contact us.

Sample Research Report

This report is from one of our longer research projects conducted over several months.

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Sample RFI

ETG authored this brief comment in response to an RFI put out by the White House.


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